Yarnbury Yomp 2021 – Feedback

We had an absolute blast hosting the inaugural Yarnbury Yomp. Here is some of the feedback we have received…


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A huge thank you from Calne SMaRTT for an amazing first event!
We know how much it takes to put on an event and that was text book.
(You even booked the weather ) thank you.

Grahame Shaddick
Coach Co-ordinator and Welfare Officer


Credit – Fenella Langridge 1st Female
Credit – Gary Macalister – V40 Winner
Credit – Justin DB Max – The Finish Line

Many thanks for making our day the huge success it was…
Here’s a few from the Set-up Crew…

Marshals at the ready…

Spotted at Club HQ – The Plume of Feathers

Thanks again to all our volunteers.
Husbands, wives and children worked tirelessly alongside, club members old and new and alongside other other clubs… Namely Shrewton Scouts and Shrewton Walking Group. Runners love club events like these and they simply could not happen without your help.